About Sam Sandusky

Sam Sandusky

President & CEO

Sam SanduskyA graduate of Valdosta State University, Sandusky has worked in the technology industry for over 25 years, gaining industry experience through regional and global stalwarts that include The Waldec Group, CompuCom Systems and IBM. Sam plays an active role in the company through the development of his management team, overseeing operations, and generating new business through team sales efforts, merger and acquisition, and key manufacturer relationships. Under Sam’s leadership, Big Sur has won coveted industry awards that include Novell Partner of the Year for North America in 2003 & 2005, and Microsoft’s Rookie of the Year in 2007. Sam has served on various Channel Advisory Boards of leading industry partners, which keeps Big Sur on the cutting edge of technology.

In 2016 Sandusky has led his team through a transformational process to better align his company’s vision and day to day operations in response to the complex demands of a growing Managed IT and Cloud Services Provider. The rapid increase of threats to data and network security, the mobilization of a diverse client base, and the exponential growth & demands of record revenue growth has required the Big Sur Executive Team to revamp internal operations to support a higher transaction volume and recruit, retain and empower a new generation of fast paced Team Members. Big Sur Technologies makes the brand promise to its clients: “We Make IT Easy”, so that we remove all road blocks to growth and success for them. This requires our internal operations to run at its absolute most efficient level possible so Big Sur can deliver on a second brand promise: “You can count on Big Sur to stay in front our your IT needs”. Sam leads his team through a daily and weekly process of accountability, with a mindset towards continuous improvement.

Sam meets monthly with leading CEO’s in the region to discuss ways to increase the quality, and continued improvement of the employee experience for organizations headquartered in the Tampa Bay area. It’s important to Sam that his employees are able to achieve an important work-life balance while striving to support their client’s expectations. Big Sur’s guiding principles support employees who are personally ambitious, but desire to bring their families along with them in the experience. Throughout all of the up’s and down’s of running his own business, it’s Sam’s personal walk of faith that continues to provide a solid foundation for he and his family to build their company upon. Personal involvement in his church provides Sam and his family a strong foundation for personal faith, deeper relationships in the community, and a weekly reminder that God can create lasting bonds in his family unachievable through his own efforts.

Ever the competitor, Sam saddled up next to Josiah Middaugh and “The Caveman” Conrad Stoltz in the summer of 2012 at the EXTERRA US National Championship in Utah. He and his wife Lisa have enjoyed competing in triathlon racing for over a decade, and both have qualified for multiple national and world championship races. In 2015 & 2016 Sam’s competitive passions have been dedicated to coaching his three youngest children in competitive soccer. He often volunteers to help build and sustain the local trail riding areas, and is an active member in his community supporting causes like traffic calming, and future development that supports active families. If you can’t find Sam at work or on the soccer field, take a look in his backyard and you’ll probably find Sam & Lisa playing in the pool with one or all of their six children. They are blessed!

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