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Author: Bryan Schneider

Hosted Voice: Setup the Big Sur Cloud Softphone

Welcome to your new Cloud Softphone! Your Cloud Softphone allows you to make and receive calls from your iOS or Android mobile device, as an extension of your company’s existing Hosted PBX. Here is the information you will need to setup your new Cloud Softphone: To install and configure your Cloud Softphone follow these steps: Search […]

Big Sur WiFi Assessments (Heat Mapping)

The Big Sur Technologies Heat Mapping Service allows us to understand and plan for a successful Wi-Fi deployment. No two offices are the same, with today’s Wi-Fi connected world, randomly placing access points is no longer acceptable. You need to plan and place them in the proper and strategic locations to maximize coverage and over […]

How to connect to the Big Sur Cloud (Windows)

If you are looking to connect to the Big Sur Cloud with a Windows Desktop. All you need to know is your “Cloud Address”, it will look something like – the HelpDesk or the Big Sur Team can help you locate your cloud Address. In almost every case its a name followed by a “:” […]