Big Sur Monitoring


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Big Sur’s Monitoring Services can be sold as a stand alone solution or included in a NetCare contract. Monitoring delivers proactive managed services that keep your network up and running at optimal effectiveness with superior network performance, security, and reliability.

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Big Sur will proactively monitor your network and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical
  • When a site visit is required we guarantee rapid response time
  • Problems will often be resolved before you’re even aware that they are occurring

Security Assurance

  • Extensive reporting allows you to keep an eye on your entire network’s security
  • Ban high-bandwidth interactive games or illegal peer-to-peer file sharing applications that monopolize business resources and introduce viruses
  • Patch inventory ensures your operating systems are up-to-date and not exposed to vulnerabilities

Asset Management

  • Up-to-date hardware, software and patch information
  • Reports used for insurance claims in case of flood, fire or theft


  • You'll get comprehensive, graphical reports emailed automatically every month
  • Simplifies capacity management and upgrade planning
  • Extensive data about your IT will support more accurate budget forecasting

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