Remote Backup

Remote Backup

Big Sur Remote Backup is a safe, automated backup and restoration system providing powerful tools to protect important data. Unlike traditional data protection tools, Big Sur Remote Backup is simple to use and does not require any human assistance beyond the initial setup.

There is no media to install, remove, protect, or replace. Big Sur Remote Backup is highly secure and only you the user has access to your own stored data.

Your valuable data is encrypted and stored at a Secure Data Center. Without a password, no one else can read or use your confidential information. Not even us.

Big Sur Remote Backup can even help when data is destroyed by mistake because Big Sur Remote Backup maintains copies of deleted files for a period of time preventing accidental deletions.


• Backup From Anywhere
• Backup Anytime
• Minimum Effort
• Minimum Time 
• Flexible Version Control


• Secure Off-Site Storage
• No Hardware to Fail
• No Hardware to Maintain
• Redundant Backups
• Automated Backups


• 256 bit Encryption
• Password Protects Access
• Passphrase Protects Data
• Encrypted Account Data
• Only You Have Access

If you lost your server, could your business stand to be without data for weeks while a replacement drive is located? We specialize in Backup to Disk and Offsite Backup our solutions are specifically tailored to each clients needs.

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