Server & Storage Consolidation

Server and Storage Consolidation

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Today's server and storage platforms provide greater scalability than ever before by consolidating operating systems, applications, and storage into high-performance, scalable systems that improve the reliability and manageability of strategic IT resources.

Physical Server Consolidation

Utilizing the latest in 32-bit and 64-bit blade server technology, physical server consolidation decreases the legacy server complexity while increasing performance, manageability, and availability.

Virtual Servers

Combining multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform, virtual server technology improves the scalability, portability, and availability of application servers.

Storage Consolidation

Combining storage resources into a scalable SAN or NAS based storage infrastructure improves the reliability, integrity, security, and manageability of company data.

Application Centralization (Server-based Computing)

Management of applications deployed through centralized servers provides control, manageability, and cost-efficiencies.

Data Management

Best-in-class backup, restore, and data replication and migration capabilities are enabled with storage consolidation.

Data Migration

New options for migrating data for upgrades, business continuity, or other purposes provide the ultimate in flexibility and reliability.

Disaster Recovery

Storage consolidation and remote backup solutions dramatically improves a company's ability to recover from the unforeseen. Whether you want to replicate critical data only, or provide a completely live site, Big Sur Technologies can show you how.

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