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Build Your Own Cloud

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Big Sur Technologies has been deploying various types of private clouds at customer sites since 2001. This gives us over 50 combined years of experience and the ability to develop a solution with minimum risk. We first started building our MY CLOUD for Small Business in 2010. When we laid out the plans for building MY CLOUD it was very important that, as our Director of Operations says, we “did everything ourselves.” Sure there are third party companies who you can call and have them maintain certain aspects of your environment for a fraction of the cost, but we didn’t want that.

Big Sur’s engineer team decided that the best route was to take full control and responsibility so in the future we would have first hand experience with every piece of our virtual solution. To this day, there is not one element of MY CLOUD that we do not own, manage or support. We take ownership of our design and are confident that we’re doing it the right way.

In 2012 we made a major implementation upgrade and the benefit is passed to our MY CLOUD customers at no charge to the end user. If you ask our engineers what they love most about the cloud solutions we build, they will unanimously say, “We get to sleep at night.” There are no over night emergencies to fix, no oversights or flawed design mistakes to overcome our patience in entering into hosting helped us gain the required knowledge to do it well.

Big Sur Technologies can deploy a cloud environment in less than an hour. Our designs have so much redundancy that you could experience a hardware failure and not even notice it. Upon requests we offer “Cloud Class,” a tutorial to your employees on how to operate your day-to-day functions once you’ve migrated to a cloud environment. We also have recorded sessions available for you to continue referencing. We’ve built a reputation of being leaders in Cloud Technologies and our name is on the line; but poll any Big Sur employee, we like it that way.

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