MY CLOUD for Small Business

My Cloud for Small Business

With Big Sur’s MyCloud Virtualized Desktop in the Cloud, all of your applications are available anytime and anywhere. Productivity and accessibility skyrockets as your employees securely connect from any device, including Apple iPads, MacBook’s, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and even Smart Phones. The device count is nearly unlimited as all you need is a device that can run the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. Big Sur’s MyCloud is suitable for any organization that wants to remove their IT headaches and benefit from an upper level IT infrastructure without the high cost or administration issues. The cost is fixed per employee and paid monthly.

Our high performance solution is the perfect fit for any business from 1 to 500 employees. All support and administration is performed by Big Sur IT engineers who manage all the hardware and software upgrades and patches transparently. MyCloud makes IT easy for you and your staff, removing stress and frustration commonly associated with complex environments.

The MyCloud Datacenter is located in a secure facility with redundant systems throughout the US, providing you ultimate high availability of your data which ensures business continuity. You no longer need a secure, well cooled storage area for your servers and backup systems on-site. This frees up budget by eliminating high electricity bills, and valuable square footage at your location.

With Big Sur’s MyCloud solution you are given your OWN server and you connect to your OWN desktop session. MyCloud comes packed with features built on a Dedicated Microsoft Windows 2008r2 64 Bit Service pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013.

Our Tier 1 Datacenter has the following features:
     • Redundant and conditioned AC power
     • Biometric fingerprint readers and Card/PIN access
     • Combination lock cabinets
     • 24x7x365 monitored digital video surveillance
     • Motion/vibration detectors
     • Redundant backup power
     • Multiple UPS units to condition and deliver battery protected power
     • Redundant network infrastructure
     • Controlled temperature and humidity via redundant HVAC units
     • Dual detection dry pipe system and FE25 gas fire suppression

Let us transform the way you think about technology.

\\ Contact Us Today to Make IT Easy and Learn More About My Cloud for Small Business.

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