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Tech Tip :: Office 2013 Tip – Customize how Office Looks

Tech Tip :: Office 2013 Tip – Customize how Office Looks

So you have Office 2013, and you hate how it looks 🙂 Yea, I know the feeling. But I will tell you this. Give it some time, once you do – you will love it. It took me a few days to get used to the new colors and now when I go back and use Outlook 2010, it feels like its 20 years old. I got very spoiled with the new 2013 look and feel. Also when talking to customers, its a huge shock to them how 2013 looks but everyone seems to get used to it pretty quick. there are a a lot of innovations in Office 2013 that Office 2010 simply doesn’t have. So in this article I will show you how to make some changes to make Office your own.

New to Office 2013? Check out these Quickstart Guides from Microsoft

2015-07-19 09_54_56-oceans_11.pdf - Word

Open up Microsoft word 2013. Then click on File, and then Account. This will bring you to the settings we will be using.

2015-07-19 09_55_45-oceans_11.pdf - Word

When we look at the backgrounds you have a bunch of choices. There are provided by Microsoft.

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When you make the changes they appear on the upper right side of word. Scroll through them. My favorite is Underwater. 🙂


2015-07-19 09_56_22-oceans_11.pdf - Word

You also have the choice of themes. The default is White, You have White, Light Grey and Dark Grey. Most people seem to pick White or Dark Grey. These too are provided by Microsoft and are your only options. I hope this helps with making Office 2013 Easier. Here is a really good Whats different article -> Office-2013-Comparison-Chart.pdf 


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