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Review – HP Stream Touch Screen Laptop Review

Review – HP Stream Touch Screen Laptop Review

Hi All,

Often I like to post an article about a piece of hardware, this is one of those cases. If you are looking for a high powered laptop – you may want to call Dana @ 813-269-9145 – this review is for a Tablet Type Laptop. Its good for Online Services like Twitter, Facebook, and Taking Notes. This is not a commercial machine, its a home machine for light use.

So saying that, here is a quick review of the HP Stream 13.3 Touchscreen.

Recently for my daily carry along laptop – I call it a laptop, but its really a tablet in a laptop form factor, I Purchased an HP Stream 13.3″ Touchscreen. I paid about $210.00 for it. (Link on Amazon is Here) It fits in my bag nicely and I can do what I need on it. Pair it with Big Sur’s Office Apps Offering, you get a laptop that’s Light and can run Office 2013. I use it with apps like Google Drive, Big Sur Sync, Big Sur MyCloud, and others.

Things I like about it are the fact that its Lightweight, has a really good camera for Skype, Has HDMI for video output (ie Hulu, Netflix, Etc.) You can also run our Big Sur Cloud (Terminal Server Client) on it, so whats not to like! This machine isn’t meant to install things like World of Warcraft, but it will do the basics extremely well. If you are going to test one of these out, I would recommend you also buy this to give yourself more storage -> 64G SD Card Link When you put in an SD Card, you can keep your “stuff on it”. You may also want to get a mouse -> Blue Mouse or Black Mouse (I use this one)

The Official HP Page is -> Here

Did you get one? let me know what you think Tweet me @CharlesJLove !



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